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  • Build a network of solid trust that I can depend on, to try avoid doing everything myself.
  • Write down daily or at least several-times-a-week “pithy insights” to try not getting stuck in variations of old squalls.
  • Either
    1. Stop being indie
      1. stop ignoring/resisting corporate recruiters
      2. accept $300k+
    2. Figure out what I’m doing
      1. become a millionaire
      2. be the cat lady
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    hackinGlass.com and Native Apps for Glass via Sensors http://yosun.me/2013/08/16/hackinglass-com-and-native-apps-for-glass-via-sensors/ http://yosun.me/2013/08/16/hackinglass-com-and-native-apps-for-glass-via-sensors/#comments Fri, 16 Aug 2013 08:38:34 +0000 yosun http://yosun.me/?p=291 Started a new blog called hackinGLASS.com (note, there is no g)

    Also, gave a talk at an Intel Android meetup about Native Apps for Google Glass. Slides and video available in link therein.

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    50k Q1 – Doing okay as an indie http://yosun.me/2013/04/09/50k-q1-doing-okay-as-an-indie/ http://yosun.me/2013/04/09/50k-q1-doing-okay-as-an-indie/#comments Tue, 09 Apr 2013 17:30:45 +0000 yosun http://yosun.me/?p=265 Won three first place prizes from Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge (after about 5 days of sleepless mania – me in an ugly blue sweater currently shown on homepage) and 7 other hackathons Q1, scored two more Prototype48.com deals, bringing Q1 weekends-only income to ~$50k — this is how I’m bootstrapping AReality3D.

    Q2 is starting out okay – just won (received a non-equity-loss investment of) 15 bitcoins from Jack Levin at PHD4 with Lightbox Reality last weekend.

    Still keeping things low-key… because I still haven’t figured what to do with all this.

    Accepted to Makerfaire and Augmented World Expo. Waiting on SIGGRAPH.

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    Hacking “You’re submitting too fast. Please slow down.” http://yosun.me/2012/12/28/hacking-youre-submitting-too-fast-please-slow-down/ http://yosun.me/2012/12/28/hacking-youre-submitting-too-fast-please-slow-down/#comments Fri, 28 Dec 2012 08:18:30 +0000 yosun http://yosun.me/?p=251 I don’t post on hackernews, not because it’s more noisy and hodgepodge than a Taiwanese peasant barnyard, but because my desired user handle yc is both not being used and forbidden.

    More recently, I had a spare hour to burn waiting for a Play Store cache to refresh, so I tried posting under my first name. It’s impossible not to get sucked into a barnyard, once you get into it.. Or rather, I made two posts and received the dreaded error message:

    “You’re submitting too fast. Please slow down.”


    Apparently, someone has already added this ambiguous and oddly-enforced message to the worst place for pg to start a features request list ever, and some tech-ish startup guy who writes less than me and has issues with hadoop thinks it has to do with political correctness. There are a bunch of people who believe that this is what the hellbanned message looks like.

    So, reading the message at face value, my initial impression was:

    Ridiculous, considering that I spent many solid minutes pondering and reviewing content in-between posts. Apparently, “many” has been quantified by limits set here https://github.com/wting/hackernews/blob/master/news.arc

    (def recent-spam (site)
      (and (caris (banned-sites* site) 'ignore)
           (recent-items [is (sitename _!url) site] 720)))
    (def recent-items (test minutes)
      (let cutoff (- (seconds) (* 60 minutes))
        (latest-items test [< _!time cutoff])))
    ; New user can't submit more than 2 stories in a 2 hour period.
    ; Give overeager users the key toofast to make limit permanent.
    (def oversubmitting (user ip kind (o url))
      (and enforce-oversubmit*
           (or (check-key user 'toofast)
               (ignored user)
               (< (user-age user) new-age-threshold*)
               (< (karma user) new-karma-threshold*))
           (len> (recent-items [or (author user _) (is _!ip ip)] 180)
                 (if (is kind 'story)
                     (if (ignored user) 0 1)
                     (if (ignored user) 1 10)))))

    It appears that users subject to this draconian punishment are discriminated based on

  • age (new-age-threshold* 0 – which is also the legit-threshold* 0),
  • karma (new-karma-threshold* 2),
  • recent items in the past 180 minutes, modified by recent items with a cutoff of 60 minutes (effectively 120 minutes, expressed in convoluted logic).
  • if it’s a story and you have the distinction of being an ignored user, this will always return false. But, even if you are ignored (read: hell-banned), you apparently only have to wait 10 minutes for posts that are not stories. Baas from sheeple are welcome, even if they’re deemed worthy of being ignored.
  • I’m tempted to fix up the snippet, except it’d never get accepted… and it really doesn’t seem a good use of time to spend any more time than the past ten minutes on arc, a language invented to be a dead language.

    (And, posted!)

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    MariaDB via Macports on Mac OS X 10.6+ http://yosun.me/2012/04/13/mariadb-via-macports-on-mac-os-x-10-6/ http://yosun.me/2012/04/13/mariadb-via-macports-on-mac-os-x-10-6/#comments Fri, 13 Apr 2012 23:08:47 +0000 yosun http://yosun.me/?p=185 Until MariaDB AB has Mac OS X dmg’s, here’s the next best solution to running MariaDB on Mac OS X:

    sudo port install mariadb-server configure.compiler=llvc-gcc-4.2

    If needed, you may need to update the macports repo list before calling the above:

    sudo port selfupdate
    sudo port upgrade outdated

    The second line above will probably take an hour. Or more. Please be plugged in. With connectivity.

    http://yosun.me/2012/04/13/mariadb-via-macports-on-mac-os-x-10-6/feed/ 1
    Protected: 20120125 http://yosun.me/2012/01/26/20120125/ http://yosun.me/2012/01/26/20120125/#comments Thu, 26 Jan 2012 09:00:14 +0000 yosun http://yosun.me/?p=170

    This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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    20 lbs of pet food… http://yosun.me/2011/09/02/20-lbs-of-pet-food/ http://yosun.me/2011/09/02/20-lbs-of-pet-food/#comments Sat, 03 Sep 2011 06:13:52 +0000 yosun http://yosun.me/?p=146 It’s enough to feed a big dog (lightly) for about 20 days – and a smaller dog, for many more.

    My post on the Pedigree Foundation’s yearly outreach program to donate 20 lbs of food to a shelter per blog post stems largely from my several failed attempts to adopt a dog this year. I’d probably not get the time to save a dog this year, so – maybe – this 20 lbs will save that dog I could have saved! Sigh.

    Finally stepping out to do something with social impact, Chris Price is going to be making video’s to save animals from the SF SPCA!

    http://yosun.me/2011/09/02/20-lbs-of-pet-food/feed/ 0
    My BBMNYC ScavenChat Pitch in 1000 Characters http://yosun.me/2011/07/29/my-bbmnyc-scavenchat-pitch-in-1000-characters/ http://yosun.me/2011/07/29/my-bbmnyc-scavenchat-pitch-in-1000-characters/#comments Fri, 29 Jul 2011 19:39:35 +0000 yosun http://yosun.me/?p=117 This blurb and the 1000 char pitch following about a MUD based in BBM won me a ticket to BBM NYC:

    ScavenChat is a social scavenger hunt set inside a “real world” virtual world expressed through BBM. Users interact with each other and NPC’s for clue’s to finding coveted scavenger hunt items. Initially, just virtual good’s, these items might one day evolve into real good’s.

    Users can meet new people, while gathering clue’s. Whenever they engage in a conversation, the system lets them queue clue’s and items, so that they are automatically exchanged upon certain chat trigger’s based on natural language beacons extracted from a participant’s profile. For balance, each user also has an ebay-like merit-rated profile — it lists such stats as successful transactions, completeness of natural language Q/A battery, etc.

    While users might be separated by large distances, the app uses integrated 4sq checkin’s to pick up local users to connect them with each other. Conversation’s made while checked into a public venue become permanently tied as “relics” of the virtual version of that venue.

    http://yosun.me/2011/07/29/my-bbmnyc-scavenchat-pitch-in-1000-characters/feed/ 0
    Yosun’s BBMNYC Pitch http://yosun.me/2011/07/19/yosuns-bbmnyc-pitch/ http://yosun.me/2011/07/19/yosuns-bbmnyc-pitch/#comments Wed, 20 Jul 2011 00:43:45 +0000 yosun http://yosun.me/?p=114 Update – Selected for the BBM NYC Hackathon! :D Here’s my 1000 character pitch.

    RIM is holding an BBM hackathon where they’d ship ten developer’s to a hotel in NYC to hack for three days! I’ve been a California girl pretty much all my life – I’ve been to Vegas and Cambridge, but I’ve never been to NYC. While I probably won’t get to have Breakfast at Tiffany’s or the chance to show off my scenic design skills on a Broadway set, I’m still going to try out so that I might finally get to visit NYC – with RIM connections! Here goes the “Create and post your Pitch” part:

    Social and mobile go hand in hand – everyone is their own island, but mobile devices help connect everyone, to create a more realtime and ubiquitous social network. Social makes sense of information in a new way — chatting with friends or fellow players in a game helps connect people, and creates an immersion potential that extends multifolds beyond the game itself. It can be as simple as networked leaderboards, such as the most common usage of Apple’s Game Center or OpenFeint, or it can be more realtime-network dependent, such as collaborative multiplayer gaming. Social, in my opinion, brings the mobile app to life.

    BBM is an excellent messaging tool, and it’s exciting that RIM is re-strategizing via this open invitation to let third-party developers creatively work with BBM as a social platform. It’s something that I’d like to look into during a hackathon. One idea I have — I believe that it’s an excellent platform on which to develop “ScavenChat” — a MUD-like social networking “scavenger hunt” game, where you interact with “NPC’s” that are other player’s who hold the clues to gaining the items in the hunt. Hunt items and clues are input in special field’s, so that once a user has passed a certain level of chat messaging interaction, with another user, some rewards are gained for sure. The system also features an ebay-like merit-based rating system to keep things sane. This app would capture the wonder of chat roulette system’s like omegle, while adding game structure and long-term storyline, as the player level-up’s and gets closer to winning the scavenger hunt through chat.

    I’ve collaborated across the spectrum as developer, designer, and artist on a number of your usual ADHD-ish game app’s. What I’ve learned is that, it’s tons easier to release an app with a team (even if an informal team), than by yourself — there’s that quintessential adrenaline via nagging from teammates on keeping the scrum velocity going. I’m still working on releasing an app 100% created by me – one of them includes an intuitive 3d sculpting app that also uses AR and the accelerometer for manipulating the 3d mesh. I have a background in theoretical physics (lots of math), so beyond just low-level programming, I can also do crazy things like… write my own physics engine!

    Unlike many mobile developers, I’m not tied to a particular platform. Beyond just iOS and Android, I’ve built a number of AIR app’s for the Playbook, each of which got the dev companies that hired me a free Playbook. I’ve also had some experience porting websites with Webworks and “for fun”, I went through the embedded tutorials on native Blackberry app development at a Sprint conference.

    Blackberry shirt While I don’t use a Blackberry as my main phone (I did, for a while!), I seem to have Blackberry on my mind, subconsciously, at least. Although there were no prizes for Blackberry app’s at the event, I wore a RIM/Blackberry shirt to the #MutherMobile hackathon, organized by CTIA and WIP. (Photo ℅ WIP)

    one WIP muthermobile picture that clearly showed my blackberry shirt I usually win prizes, cash, or something (if only runner’s up, sometime) at hackathon’s I attend. I always try to work on an innovative app — and, show some code-fu on the spot by developing from scratch!

    In response to:

    Tell us why you should get this opportunity!
    We want to know:
    How do you feel social adds value to mobile apps?
    Why do you love BBM?
    Do you have any other apps you have already built? If so,what are they?Tell us what you have learned in the past about launching new apps.
    What’s so great about you? Why should you be chosen to attend? (Being the life of the party doesn’t fully qualify you to attend.)

    http://yosun.me/2011/07/19/yosuns-bbmnyc-pitch/feed/ 1
    Pri mia malsana menso http://yosun.me/2011/06/15/pri-mia-malsana-menso/ http://yosun.me/2011/06/15/pri-mia-malsana-menso/#comments Thu, 16 Jun 2011 01:44:46 +0000 yosun http://yosun.me/?p=90 Cxiam, mia celo estas por trovi komprenada de la afero kiu sajnas al mi estas malsana menso – kiu estas ankaux la krea kaoso de cxiu ajn ekokazas. Cxiu ajn mi faras, de mia studantoj al mia kuntima aferoj, estas por komprenado de cxi krea kaoso.

    http://yosun.me/2011/06/15/pri-mia-malsana-menso/feed/ 0