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  • MakerFaire (AReality3D World Builder) – May 17-19
  • Augmented World Expo (BoatAR via AReality3D World Builder) – June 4-5
  • Intel Android Meetup (Native apps for Google Glass, inc first gyroscope-tap Glass game) – July 31
  • Intel IDF (Perceptual Computing, keynote/showcase demo) – Sept 10-12
  • SF Music Tech (Musical Instruments on Google Glass) – Oct 1
  • SV Code Camp (gyroFire hackinGlass) – Oct 6
  • On Android – Designing Native apps for Google Glass + Live Demos! Oct 22 23
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    If I had a billion dollars… http://yosun.me/2012/10/12/if-i-had-a-billion-dollars/ http://yosun.me/2012/10/12/if-i-had-a-billion-dollars/#comments Fri, 12 Oct 2012 20:33:17 +0000 yosun http://yosun.me/?p=237 The other day, during my talk on KUBIKULO and Mobile 3D Augmented Reality, at SV Code Camp, an audience member asked me where I wanted to take things, whether I wanted to continue just making cool hacks, or to take things towards the enterprise level — somewhere along the lines, I tried answering the question of what I’d do if I somehow figure out how to score that high score in capitalism to become a billion dollars rich…

    I’m a big believer that, “With great power, comes great responsibility,” and money — on the order of a billion dollars — is essentially extreme power. With that amount, you can buy anything you (or anyone you personally knew) could ever need, and you’re going to end up with a lot of it left, unless you make a lot of unsensible purchases of arbitrary amounts… The best use would be more in the area of philanthropy, to make the real lasting contributions to humanity, beyond the shallow overhang of acquisitions and corporate politics.

    So, that said, to finally answer the question… If I had a couple billion dollars, the first thing I’d do is call up Peter Diamandis and launch an X Prize for Teleportation. And then, I’d retire to being a physicist again, and solving that teleportation problem myself to earn my own money back. Transportation and allocation seems to be the biggest problems in the world — from time wasture in commute to people being inevitably late to world hunger (there is probably enough food being thrown out daily at these SF bay conferences to feed Africa, now what if you could instantly beam this food over to someone who really needs it). Along the way, I suppose I’d also figure out how to make a Star Trek-worthy replicator, to instantly create anything, for reals — including coffee, black and genuine-tasting tomato juice. Talk about crazed intellectual philanthropy? xD

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    Conferences I’m presenting at in 2012, Part II http://yosun.me/2012/10/12/conferences-im-presenting-at-in-2012-part-ii/ http://yosun.me/2012/10/12/conferences-im-presenting-at-in-2012-part-ii/#comments Fri, 12 Oct 2012 20:08:01 +0000 yosun http://yosun.me/?p=234
  • Oct 7 @ 2:30 pm – Silicon Valley Code Camp – KUBIKULO and Mobile 3D Augmented Reality (as an indie dev)
  • Oct 20 – Urban Prototyping Expo @ downtown SF near TechShop – ProtoAR iOS and Android app demo in the streets (as an indie artist)
  • Oct 29 @ 5:05 pm – Technical Symposium in Santa Clara – Examples and Implementations of Mobile 3D Augmented Reality (as CTO, AReality3D o.O)
  • (New!) Nov 15 in Sydney, Australia! – JSConf Down Under!
  • (New!) Nov 29 (conference-crashing) AU2012 Autodesk University @ Las Vegas – ProtoAR shown @ Mobile Technologies in AEC – Thursday @ 5 PM session
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    Protected: Hackathon.io and Power without Responsibility http://yosun.me/2012/08/13/hackathon-io-and-power-without-responsibility/ http://yosun.me/2012/08/13/hackathon-io-and-power-without-responsibility/#comments Mon, 13 Aug 2012 08:41:39 +0000 yosun http://yosun.me/?p=226

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    Conferences I’m presenting at in 2012 http://yosun.me/2012/05/03/conferences-im-presenting-at-in-2012/ http://yosun.me/2012/05/03/conferences-im-presenting-at-in-2012/#comments Thu, 03 May 2012 21:32:21 +0000 yosun http://yosun.me/?p=196
  • April 3-4 Where Conference – Startup Showcase – KUBIKULO, build and share with 3D blocks right where you are!
  • May 8-9: Augmented Reality Event – KUBIKULO and KANTS
  • May 19-20: MAKERFAIRE – KUBIKULO AReality3D
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    Protected: My BBMNYC Pre-Experience http://yosun.me/2011/08/08/my-bbmnyc-pre-experience/ http://yosun.me/2011/08/08/my-bbmnyc-pre-experience/#comments Tue, 09 Aug 2011 00:00:11 +0000 yosun http://yosun.me/?p=132

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    Protected: 20110214 http://yosun.me/2011/02/15/20110214/ http://yosun.me/2011/02/15/20110214/#comments Tue, 15 Feb 2011 08:25:49 +0000 yosun http://yosun.me/?p=24

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    CES 2011 Epic Congestion http://yosun.me/2011/01/08/ces-2011-epic-congestion/ http://yosun.me/2011/01/08/ces-2011-epic-congestion/#comments Sat, 08 Jan 2011 14:44:18 +0000 yosun http://yosun.me/?p=11
    ces vegas has enough people that you can really see the econ normal curve… the vast majority are middle class, with the few exceptions on either end – the starving reporters and the local grannies and such who otherwise obtained free passes, as well as the affluent CEOs and such who hire the private limos that can actually get them there on time
    this year was apparently the worst ever in terms of ubercrowds and transportation chaos. ces seems to have reached an irksome critical mass – way too many people, streets, monorail, and other transportation way too overcrowded – especially with people staying at all sorts of different hotels along the strip (not an easy walk, especially to avoid the peddlers and cigarette-burners) – enough that they ought to just set it up in a large empty land area, and people could just tent up within walking distance – like burning man
    one of the most frightful scenes was walking down to the MGM monorail station one morning when suddenly before me there was this huge crowd of hundreds snaked around a chaotic line, trying to get into the monorail station. i figured.. there goes the return value on my day pass. fortunately, walking past and down to the shuttle, there was space on the bus… except traffic congestion made the ride to the convention center an hour-or-two affair.. checking email, sending photos and web surfing on sprint 4g was blazing fast (even with a 8MP camera pic) – ran first in a silly upload contest on the bus, with the network-saturated at&t iphone folks next to me catching up on a snapshot upload… about 5 minutes later?
    congestion in the tech realm. congestion in the physical traffic realm. ces is to get lost in an epic swarm of people… prole’s, really unless you’re the private limo. this epic transportation time loss has meant i’ve barely seen anything, even though it’s saturday already! if i ever go back again, i’d have to make sure ┬áto expect to spend a few grands in local transportation to hire private limo drivers.
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