(Too about-blurb vague for you? See the story of the last ~15 years of my life in a synopsis-style blog post.)

Yosun is an American polymath recovering from a long-term social experiment involving self-imposed solitary confinement for the pursuit of creativity (and other Emily-Dickinsonian reasons). With a graduate background in physics and 10+ years of experience in paper-entrepreneurship (it’s like paper-trading, but more all-encompassing) and web dev, she’s been an epic serial freelancer for quite some time, and is just now combining her skills into creating a real enterprise (as opposed to the virtual enterprise in Shakespeare and the arts in virtual worlds she created as Ina Centaur). The times drive her towards mobile as a venture, where she finds herself delighted in an uncanny way by augmented reality, but her brother Robin wants her to write a physics engine and her brother Mitty inspires her towards nonprofit activism. Mentally unstable at the most inopportune times, she’s known for suffering from complete nervous breakdowns during interviews — from college to TED Fellows to everything-in-between. Expect unanimous uncertainty.

More along the lines of usefulness to fellow creators, she can be pop-quizzed for advice on the following mediums: LAMP, Unity, Photoshop, Flash, 3ds Max, Modo – and also mobile development on iOS, Android, and Blackberry.