This blurb and the 1000 char pitch following about a MUD based in BBM won me a ticket to BBM NYC:

ScavenChat is a social scavenger hunt set inside a “real world” virtual world expressed through BBM. Users interact with each other and NPC’s for clue’s to finding coveted scavenger hunt items. Initially, just virtual good’s, these items might one day evolve into real good’s.

Users can meet new people, while gathering clue’s. Whenever they engage in a conversation, the system lets them queue clue’s and items, so that they are automatically exchanged upon certain chat trigger’s based on natural language beacons extracted from a participant’s profile. For balance, each user also has an ebay-like merit-rated profile — it lists such stats as successful transactions, completeness of natural language Q/A battery, etc.

While users might be separated by large distances, the app uses integrated 4sq checkin’s to pick up local users to connect them with each other. Conversation’s made while checked into a public venue become permanently tied as “relics” of the virtual version of that venue.

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