Registered a few 010111 bday domains, including and (the latter of which has a $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] check and REQUEST_URI redirect which *will* let you post comments). Realized Netfirm’s perpetual $4.95 discount code (PROMO495 – use a new credit card each time – use a BofA secure card gen for example) apparently doesn’t work with .me’s.

Launched this silly diary blog using the Platform theme. Designed yet another text logo called yosunisme.

Discovered that tea with cheap cinnamon is one way for me to get an unwarranted headache. (It’s better than MSG though.)

Created ClayAR View Mode basics — multitouch zoom and out (actually scale in/out, since the AR cam does the zoom in and out) and physical rotate (as opposed to AR cam virtual rotate).

Wakefulness: Slept in today… until rather exorbitantly late.

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